Chelation, Here We Go

We finally started chelation therapy last Sunday night.  For those of you not familiar with the term, chelation is when you remove toxic metals, such as mercury, aluminum, arsenic, etc.  There are four methods for this: oral, suppository, transdermal, and IV.  The IV method, although probably the most effective, is also the most dangerous.  We chose the oral method, and we are using something relatively new called IMD (Intestinal Metal Detox). This travels through Skyler’s digestive system and binds to the metals, allowing him to safely excrete them through his stool.  This method does not cross the blood brain barrier, so it can not accidentally distribute more metals into his brain.  Although this is definitely the safest method, I can’t say I wasn’t nervous about it.

Sunday night we administered the IMD and sent Skyler to bed.  We did this at night because the body naturally detoxes during sleep, which should aid the process.  Monday and Tuesday, we got reports from daycare that Skyler was unusually hyperactive.  In fact, they had a program for Grandparents Day on Tuesday, and there’s a video of the 3 yr olds happily singing songs while one of the daycare workers has to sit on the edge of the stage to keep Skyler from taking off and running to his grandfather. He also randomly blurted out throughout the program, and everyone got a huge laugh when he said, “Hey, there’s cake over there!”  Although it’s cute and sweet, it’s hard for me as a mother to watch it. He obviously couldn’t stand still at all. Thursday’s visit with Occupational Therapy also yielded more reports of slight regression and hyperactivity.  However, if these are the only side effects, I can definitely cope, and we will continue onward.

After five nights on chelation therapy, tonight started our 2 day break before the next round.  Tonight I did not observe any hyperactivity, and I noticed a gain in language.  On the drive home from my parents’ house, Skyler announced, “Don’t hit a deer, momma. Don’t leave the road, momma.  Stay in the car, momma.”  It was pretty funny because I think he was actually trying to mimic his grandmother’s overly worrisome nature.  He also sang several rounds of Old McSkyler Had a Farm with me, and he had lots of fun naming what was on the farm.  We went through chicks, pigs, cars, trees, roads, signs, yellow signs (what sound do those make??? Mine said, “with a yield yield here and a yield yield there”), stop signs, and more chicks before arriving at home.  Once inside the house, he played with his father and was in a wonderful mood, telling him to “Open mouth and say ahhhhh,” while trying to stick his whole hand down his throat.  Fun times!

So, I guess I would label round 1 of chelation therapy a success, but it was not without its downfalls as well.  I’ve heard that chelation therapy is often 2 steps forward and 1 back, so hopefully Skyler will gradually continue to get better without falling back so much on each new round.  I am actually hoping that his hyperactivity was just the result of mineral depletion because chelation therapy pulls out good minerals such as the ever-so-calming magnesium and other good stuff along with the toxic metals.  We have ordered and started a mineral supplement called Moxie, so perhaps that’s why we’ve seen less hyperactivity the past couple of days.  I guess we will hang tight and see what Round 2 brings next week. I will keep everyone posted.

In the meanwhile, enjoy the video.  Someone else recorded it, so it’s not me laughing. See if you can pick out Skyler from the others.  Love my chatty, wiggly, autistic son!

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I am the proud mommy of a wonderful little boy who has been diagnosed with Autism. We are currently working on his recovery.
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