Homeopathy – Sure, Why Not?

I realize that this blog was created to document our biomedical interventions with Skyler, but I recently took a turn down a side road, and I wanted to share.  Skyler has made a great deal of progress through the recommendations of our DAN doctor and my own research.  I didn’t realize quite how much progress until I came across a video of Skyler from last year, and the difference is stunning!  I even called my husband to come watch it. We both agree that Skyler has improved so much over the past several months.  But, it’s a little disheartening for me because even though he’s improving, he is still autistic. Does that sound awful?  Don’t get me wrong –  I am thrilled when Skyler improves any little bit, but as long as the “A word” is hanging over his head, he’s not going to have an easy life.  I want it gone forever!

So as I was doing my nightly research, I came across the name Pierre Fontaine.  He is a homeopathic doctor, and many parents have claimed that he has healed their autistic children.  If you’re like I was, you know next to nothing about homeopathy.  Heck – I am not even completely sure how to pronounce it!  However, I purchased Amy Lansky’s book, “The Impossible Cure,” which is all about homeopathy and how Pierre Fontaine cured her son.  What an informative read!  In fact, Amy Lansky graduated from M.I.T. and was a successful computer programer until her autistic son was cured by homeopathy. At that point she realized, “How can I return to the normal world of computers when something this amazing exists out there – something I never knew about?”  So, she quit her job and went back to school to study homeopathy.  Then she began writing books to share it with others.  When they say homeopathy changes lives, it apparently makes a huge impression!

Homeopathy used to be as prevalent as allopathy (our typical doctors), but as time went on, they were pretty much forced out of business by the American Medical Association. This is despite the fact that their results were often much better!  The allopathic doctors felt threatened by homeopaths, and I don’t blame them.  This is some pretty amazing stuff! Homeopathy is based on something called the Law of Similars.  Basically, this states that if a substance causes an effect in a healthy person (such as a headache), then if you give that substance to a person with that symptom profile, it will heal it (not suppress it as Advil does).  This is very much like Ritalin.  If a healthy person takes Ritalin, they become hyperactive and impulsive.  However, if we give it to someone who is already hyperactive and impulsive, it relieves their symptoms. Ever stop to wonder how that works?  I have! So basically, these substances are not tested on sick people, as is done in allopathic medicine.  They go through trials called “provings” where the substances are given to healthy individuals.  Then the effects are noted. Thousands of substances are tested in this manner.  The awesome thing is that these substances are completely safe!

I’m not going to continue to bore some of you with the details, but I do want to explain how a remedy is created.  Let’s say the remedy is formed from sulphur.  One drop of sulphur solution is mixed with 99 drops of pure, distilled water, and they shake it like crazy.  That is a 1C dilution.  Then they take one drop of this new substance and mix it with 99 drops of water.  That is a 2C dilution.  What is amazing here is that the more you dilute the substance, the stronger the effects!  By the time you get to a 30C mixture, there is no measurable sulphur remaining, but it’s not quite water anymore either.  It’s something completely unique and transforming!  Can you tell that this stuff gets me excited?  It’s like nothing I have ever known! I don’t even believe that our scientific knowledge has caught up with homeopathy.  It is a lot like gravity before Isaac Newton – we knew it worked, but we had no idea why!

So, back to my personal story.  I immediately contacted the office of Pierre Fontaine in New York to make an appointment.  I had read that he sees distant patients through Skype, and I didn’t care about the cost.  I wanted Skyler treated by this amazing doctor! Unfortunately, Pierre is booked for the NEXT YEAR, but he has joined forces with another amazing homeopathic doctor, Angelica Lemke.  After reading through her impressive credentials, I called to schedule an appointment with her, and boy, did I get lucky!  She had a cancellation two days later, and I grabbed it.  Appointments typically last around 3 hours, and during this time, homeopathic doctors ask anything and everything!  My appointment lasted two solid hours, and I walked away feeling like I had spoken to the world’s best therapist!  You see, homeopaths treat the “entire person,” so they aren’t so concerned with hearing about Skyler’s autism.  They would rather know what makes him unique or different.  They want to know his likes, dislikes, aversions, fears, feelings, etc. Can you imagine talking about your son for two straight hours?  I loved it!  What allopathic doctor dedicates that amount of time to listening about your child?  And Angelica was FANTASTIC!  She was inquisitive and bright and naturally beautiful (inside and out).  I was so very impressed!

After that appointment, Skyler’s remedy (homeopathic sulphur 30C) was express mailed. As a bonus, she recommended that I take it also, and she sent me a 200C dilution. Apparently I have lots of symptoms that make it a perfect fit for me as well!  I was hoping the remedies would arrive today, but alas, the US Postal Service let me down – perhaps they will arrive tomorrow (fingers crossed).  I will keep everyone posted when I give Skyler the remedy.  If it’s the right remedy, we could see amazing results within days, so I am praying it works for him.  If not, I will meet again with Angelica until we get this right. I am feeling good about my decision to try homeopathy.  As a plus, I can continue the biomedical interventions right along side it, so there’s nothing to lose, and everything to gain.  My wonderful son may be incredibly strong-willed (he gets that from me), but he is not going to hold on to this diagnosis.  I will fight for him when he cannot fight for himself. And together, we WILL defeat this!


About Lori R. Edwards

I am the proud mommy of a wonderful little boy who has been diagnosed with Autism. We are currently working on his recovery.
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  1. AnotherMomonthisJourney says:

    Hi, I enjoy reading your blog. Keep up the good work helping your son and thank you so much for taking the time to share. Just a note that Pierre F. was not the homeopath that Amy Lansky used. I am a client of Angelica’s also and started a couple of months ago. So far I have not seen any major change, but I have noticed an old rash flare up each time we give a dose so something is happening … I hope to see more soon. My child is much older than yours (12) so it’s perhaps going to happen at a different pace. Best wishes to you and your family.

    • Lori R. Edwards says:

      Funny, I could have sworn that Amy talked about seeing Pierre in the book, but it’s been a few months since I read it, so I’ll have to go back and check. I think the homeopathy route tends to be more slow and steady. But, we’re patient, and I know we’ll get there eventually. I love Angelica!

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