Intestinal Metal Detox to Chelate

This week we restarted Intestinal Metal Detox (IMD) in an attempt to chelate some of Skyler’s toxic metals.  We first tried IMD towards the beginning of our biomedical journey last summer, and at that time, Skyler responded with so much hyperactivity that we had to abort the attempt.  Now, he seems to be much healthier from the supplements and treatments we’ve given him, so I thought I would give IMD another try.

We administered half a scoop of IMD mixed in juice in a syringe in the evenings.  Even though it’s a tiny scoop, Skyler makes a face like it doesn’t taste very good.  However, he has taken it for five days now without complaint.  We have experienced absolutely no side effects so far – in fact, he actually seems calmer and more “with it.”  IMD is supposed to be administered for five days, followed by a two day break period.  Today is the first day of our break, and I am very pleased with this round.

In my heart, I believe we are going to eventually have to chelate with something stronger, but I wanted to give this a try first since it’s extremely safe.  I’ve been doing a lot of research on chelation, and I have decided that the best and safest method is the one developed by Andy Cutler.  The downside to his protocol is that the chelation meds have to be given every 3 to 4 hours (even throughout the night).  However, knowing how much more dangerous it is to administer every 8 hours or once a day as many DAN doctors recommend, I’d rather lose a little sleep and do it correctly.  But, I’ll write more about AC chelation later.  Just wanted to mention it because I do think it is something we’ll need to do (maybe over the summer).

For now, I hope that the Intestinal Metal Detox can reduce some of the toxic burden, and that Skyler will continue to handle it so well.  A tiny bottle of IMD costs $150, but it lasts for about six months when giving half a scoop each night.  You can learn more about IMD at this link.  You can order it online without a prescription at this link.

About Lori R. Edwards

I am the proud mommy of a wonderful little boy who has been diagnosed with Autism. We are currently working on his recovery.
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4 Responses to Intestinal Metal Detox to Chelate

  1. David says:

    I’d love to hear how he is doing on this therapy. Even though you just restarted it a week ago! Keep us updated!

    • Lori R. Edwards says:

      I had to pause a few days because he caught some type of upper respiratory infection. I don’t think it’s due to the IMD because it’s going around in his daycare. I will say that he has spontaneously told several family members that he loves them this week, and that is new (I LOVE IT!). I will let you know how the next round goes as soon as he gets well enough to restart.

  2. james says:


    I’m interested I how you got on with IMD and whether you tried any of the other quicksilver products such as vit-c with lipoic acid and liposomal glutathione.
    Everyone seems to be on the cutler protocol but having read about both cutlets and shades I’m leaning towards the latter – sadly there are very few testimonials / success stories of shades protocol at this time.



    • Lori R. Edwards says:

      Skyler did very well with IMD. We went through two bottles of it, and now we’re taking a break. We had no problems except for a little yeast flare-up while he was on it, but I think that’s common with any form of chelation. I still think the Cutler protocol is really good, but for us IMD was safer, and we felt more comfortable with slow and steady. Plus, Shade’s theories of why IMD work so well really made sense to me. I did speak to Dr. Shade by email to ask questions and to tell him how well Skyler did while on IMD. He said he wanted me to write a testimonial for him because they don’t have many from younger patients. I plan to do that, but I just haven;t gotten around to it yet. But, suffice it to say that Skyler was on a lot of supplements before starting IMD, and now he is not taking anything. He’s in a private preschool and doing very well. He has really improved that much, and I am so proud of him.

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