Success (IMD) and Two Steps Back (Disease)

I mentioned in an earlier post that we have started using Quicksilver’s Intestinal Metal Detox (IMD) to chelate mercury and other toxic metals.  We are currently on week 5 of this protocol and have seen excellent results.  Skyler works with about five different therapists throughout the week during the school year, and we’ve received glowing reports from each one.  Conversation has increased, and Skyler has been much more spontaneously loving (telling us he loves us!).  While he’s still a very stubborn little 4-year-old, we have experienced a significant decrease in “meltdowns” when he doesn’t get his way.  All in all, life has been good!

I spoke with another mother online that was administering IMD and seeing positive results as well.  However, she then found online where Dr. Andrew Cutler believed IMD does not work to chelate mercury.  For those that are unfamiliar with Dr. Cutler, he is a chemist that developed a strict chelation protocol, which truly seems to benefit a significant number of children.  He has a large, often fanatical following, and I do believe he is very intelligent.  Many parents follow his protocol, which includes getting up every 3-4 hours (even during the night) to administer the chelation meds.  One day I may decide to go this route myself, but I am just too happy with IMD now to switch.  IMD was also developed by a chemist (Dr. Chris Shade), and I also believe he is a very intelligent man.  What frustrates me is that a parent, such as the one previously mentioned, could witness amazing results with her own eyes and then still stop administering the product because of Dr. Cutler’s opinion.  Despite how much I admire Dr. Cutler and all of his work in helping autistic children, he could tell me that IMD was Myrtle Beach sand, and I would still administer it to Skyler because of the amazing changes I’ve seen!  Something in it works, and I am happy to continue it, no matter what anyone says to the contrary.

So here we are happily making progress over several weeks when BAM!  Skyler develops a  high fever.  I immediately stop IMD when Skyler is sick because his body is under too much stress to focus on chelation.  It turned out that he had contracted Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease from daycare.  The week spent fighting this disease set us back on numerous fronts.  First, Skyler was not getting the IMD, which had been supporting his amazing improvements.  Secondly, when his body started fighting the virus, it was unable to continue fighting the ongoing battle with yeast, which then grew quickly out of control.  Yeasty behaviors came back full force – silly, crazy, out of control, hyper, impulsive, tantrummy, grumpy behaviors.  Fun, right?  I hated to give Skyler Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) to fight the yeast when he was sick, so we tried to wait for recovery before addressing the yeast problem.

Unfortunately, when I sent Skyler back to school after this illness, all recent progress was promptly forgotten, and we began to receive bad reports from daycare.  This is very frustrating for a parent struggling to get her child’s health back under control.  Yes, my child has autism.  Occasionally something will happen, such as this illness, that will set us back a few steps on our biomedical journey.  And yes, during that time, Skyler will likely regress and be difficult.  I urge people everywhere to please be patient and understanding.  Skyler is not purposely being mean and out-of-control – his little 37 pound body just can’t handle multiple assaults from illness, yeast, and mercury.  It’s heartbreaking for me when people seem to forget all of his good moments and act as if he is a spiteful brat. Skyler has a good heart and is happy most of the time.  It hurts me when people don’t see that.

While we were waiting to see the doctor last week, a rather snotty woman was sitting beside me, complaining over another child’s loud tantrum.  It almost brought me to tears, because who knows what that mother and child go through everyday?  He may or may not have been autistic, but regardless, people need to be more understanding, tolerant, and loving in these situations.  I assure you, if you do not have a child at home with autism, you can’t imagine how horribly embarrassing and depressing these moments can be.  As I dragged my tantrummy son out of last night’s t-ball game, I swear I wanted to hide under the nearest rock.  Please don’t be the person that callously adds to this kind of emotional stress with thoughtless comments or actions.  Trust me, it’s bad enough without you.

To end on a positive note, I think the GSE has gotten the yeast mostly under control, and last night we restarted IMD chelation.  Today Skyler has once again done amazing things, and has had a great positive attitude.  He has used the potty several times (by his request), and has even pooped in the potty, which has been a huge area of conflict since he absolutely refuses to do this most days.  He nicely requested a cheese sandwich for lunch, and has been very loving and conversational.  So once again, the IMD has stepped up it’s game and brought amazing results.  I urge parents not to write off IMD because of Dr. Cutler’s comments, because in our case, it’s been nothing short of miraculous.  I just hope Skyler can stay healthy for a while so that we can continue seeing progress.

I strongly believe that chelation will be the key to unlocking the door to recovery for Skyler, and I am so ready to swing that door open wide and scream, “Here he is, world!  He’s conquered your worst, so get ready for him!  He’s truly amazing!”

About Lori R. Edwards

I am the proud mommy of a wonderful little boy who has been diagnosed with Autism. We are currently working on his recovery.
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24 Responses to Success (IMD) and Two Steps Back (Disease)

  1. David Prater says:

    I’m glad IMD is working! Hopefully he will remain healthy and a prolonged IMD therapy can make enough progress that even regression a little when ill seems small. I think… If that’s the way it works. Kudos on the research and active care of your adorable son! I’ve said it before, he is SO lucky to have you as a mother!

  2. Lori R. Edwards says:

    On day 4 of this round of IMD, Skyler is back to his wonderful, happy self. He has been potty training, and tonight he ate dinner with the family without his iPod or cartoons. He has been very talkative and intelligent. IMD continues to produce amazing results!

  3. dmiffleton says:

    My son just turned three and we’ve recently begun the biomedical approach. It’s so wonderful to know someone else out there felt a little overwhelmed and questioned if they were doing the “right” thing. I feel this way often, but my gut says, “stick with it.” We’ve only seen slight positive effects (better play and focus), but I’m hoping his speech will eventually come back. Do you still continue with homepathy?

    • Lori R. Edwards says:

      We have not done a follow-up appointment yet because it is soooo expensive. I feel like I will eventually follow up, but for now, the homeopathy is on pause. Although I was impressed by it, I’ve seen more substantial results from biomedical approaches. Don’t give up – you’ll eventually luck upon the correct treatments, and his speech will blossom. We honestly can’t get Skyler to stop talking now (but I LOVE IT)!

  4. dmiffleton says:

    Thanks for you advice, hearing positive results help one keep their chin up, and that’s what I keep telling myself; I just need to find the right combination. It can be so hard at times, but I’m determined. Did your son respond well to the b12 shots? We are now trying the nasal spray because my son was so aggressive with the shots, but I’ve heard the nasal spray isn’t as effective as the shots. What are your thoughts and what did you find to be the most effective, with regards to Skyler’s speech blossoming?

  5. Lori R. Edwards says:

    We didn’t get any effects from the B12 shots – not sure why. The most effective interventions for Skyler’s speech were activated B6 (P5P) and DMG. If you keep trying, you’ll get there. Today I caught myself wishing Skyler would stop talking for just a minute or two, and then I remembered how badly I wanted him to talk last year, and I felt bad. Honestly, now he rarely stops talking.

  6. dmiffleton says:

    That’s absolutely wonderful. It sounds like Skylar is doing so well and only after a year of treatment. What are some areas that he still struggles with today? I noticed you all are going through the chelation process. Our doctor has mentioned it and some of the research out there says it’s very dangerous. It’s something I would want to try, but seems extremely scary. What made you decide it was right for you?
    We go for our second visit to the developmental pediatrician this week so I will certainly mention B6 and DMG and see what she thinks. Once again, thanks and good luck to you and Skylar, I’ve really enjoyed following your blog.

    • Lori R. Edwards says:

      Yes, he is doing wonderfully! As far as areas he still struggles with, he still has trouble remaining calm and focused at daycare during activities. Right now, he reminds me more of an ADHD type child than autistic. He also still has some difficulty relating to other children, but we’ve noticed that he’s been playing with children outside when we pick him up from daycare the last two days, so hopefully that’s getting better.

      Chelation made me nervous too, but I just researched and trusted that the IMD would be the safest method to start with. The results came some dramatically that we knew we were onto something. I think if done correctly, you do see results quickly, and that keeps you motivated because you know it’s working. I think at some point we may try Andrew Cutler’s method of chelation because so many parents have reported excellent results with it, but I just hesitate because you have to administer it every three or four hours, even through the night, so that’s a huge commitment. We’ll stick with IMD until we hit a rut, and then we might advance to that later.

      As far as B6 and DMG, they are also very safe, so don’t be afraid to try stuff like that outside of the doctor’s permission. I tried those on my own from my own research. The best results I have gotten have been from researching (I read forums a lot) and trying what sounds safe and promising. There are a lot of safe things you can try like that without the doctor’s consent. You know your child best, so don’t be afraid to experiment (within reason).

      Thanks for the positive words, and I am glad to continue answering any questions you have along the way.

  7. Marie says:

    Just wanted to say thank you for writing this blog. As a parent of a child who is currently being assessed for autism, it offers hope and a clear explanation of all the biomedical treatments out there and what worked for you. I’m only trying the GFCF diet and supplements with my son at the mo but I hope to try homeopathy and chelation at some point. Fingers crossed he will progress like your son and that his speech will improve. Currently he is trying say more and put words together but his pronunciation isn’t great. What would you say has worked best for his language? Marie

    • Lori R. Edwards says:

      Hi, Marie. I’m glad I am able to help out and answer questions as you start down this path with your child. I hope that you see as many gain as I have with Skyler! As for language, we saw the most results with activated B6 (P5P) and with DMG. You can check out both of those online. They are both safe supplements to administer. In fact DMG actually helps the immune system as well.

      As for toe walking, Skyler didn’t really do that so much, maybe because he always moves so fast. His thing with walking was just that he was so clumsy and uncoordinated. He also had low muscle tone, and his therapists would complain about him sitting in a “w” position with his legs bent at the knees and his feet pointing behind him. Apparently that’s a no no. haha! Skyler is usually too busy running to toe walk….. in fact, it’s like he skipped walking altogether and has run ever since. I’ll research toe walking and see if I can find anything about possible interventions to help.

  8. Marie says:

    Also I wanted ask, did your son toe walk and if so have any of the treatments helped? It is one of the behaviours that most upsets my husband. Thank you again.

  9. dmiffleton says:

    We just finished our first round of chelation and Parker is mouthing and licking almost everything. Did you son do this? I’m waiting to hear back from our DAN doctor but is this something I should be concerned about because I know there are some negative side effects, but I’m wondering if she will advise us to stop chelating. I’d love to know your thoughts because you seem to have a great deal of knowledge but more importantly understand the parent perspective/concerns.

    • Lori R. Edwards says:

      Skyler has done that, and still does sometimes. When I went into get him up from nap today, the front of his shirt was soaked from chewing on it. This can definitely be a side effect of chelation and is usually caused by mineral deficiency. Are you giving minerals (Vitamin C, magnesium, zinc) while chelating? I know that a zinc deficiency definitely causes mouthing. If you’re not giving minerals, you may want to stop until you can get some, and then restart.

      I know you’re not doing Cutler’s form of chelation, but here is what he advises for mineral supplementation when chelating: Vitamin C (500-1000 mg), magnesium (400 mg), and zinc (30-50 mg). Those should all be divided and given 3-4 times per day.

      When Skyler was having trouble with mineral deficiency, I ordered something called Moxie from It had magnesium, zinc, and quite a few other minerals (no vit C though). It worked good, but tasted pretty nasty. They also have something called Essential 4 at this website. It has all of the minerals that Cutler suggested in the appropriate amounts, and they are already split into 4 pills to take throughout the day.

      Definitely keep me posted on how Parker is doing. Hang in there – I’ve definitely been through worse side effects, but I know it’s tough to see any bad side effect with your child. You can contact me by email too if you need me:

  10. Erika says:

    Hi Lori,
    I came across your website yesterday and I am so glad I did!!! The way you explain the treatments is so helpful and has made me understand that we are making a good decision in starting my son on biomedical treatment. Eric was diagnosed at 4 with a mild version of autism and was changed to PDD last year. He has good speech skills and is great at spelling. He’s a smart kid, but he really can’t hold a conversation and he seems to always want to talk about the same thing….his favor animal (elephant), his favorite airplane (the biplane). I have great hopes that this treatment will do great things with Eric. I asked his pediatrician about this treatment yesterday hoping I would have his “approval” but all the contrary. He told me not to waste my money on the treatment and almost convinced my husband to cancel our appointment with the DAN doctor. Luckily I was able to convince my husband about the amazing changes that have occurred in lots of children with autism with the help of these treatments and that we owed it to our son to give the treatment a chance. Couple of questions, are you still doing the Homeopathy Treatment and how is that working out? And have you ever looked into Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy? What do you know about it and have you tried it on your son? Are you able to disclose where you get your supplements/shots from? If so, that would be really great!! Thank you for your time…

    • Lori R. Edwards says:

      Hi, Erika. Don’t let the pediatrician discourage you! I’ve lost so much respect for pediatricians in their treatment of autistic children. Go with your heart and definitely see that DAN doctor. As for your questions, we are not doing homeopathic treatments at this time. I’ve seen better results from the biomedical interventions than I did with homeopathy. Don’t get me wrong – I LOVED our homeopathic doctor, but it is so expensive, and biomedical treatments are much more affordable so that we can try multiple interventions and decide what works best. We have not tried HBOT, but I would love to at some point. We’re in a fairly small town, and it’s not available nearby. We simply can’t drive that far to try it out right now. I’ve heard promising results from those that have tried it though. As for supplements/shots, I get them from a variety of places. When we did the methyl-B12 shots, they were prescribed by the DAN dr., and they were compounded and sent from Wellness Pharmacy ( As for other supplements, we buy B6, DMG, grapefruit seed extract, and things like that from various places online. I’ve bought several of them from amazon. I just shop around for the best price. The Intestinal Metal Detox comes from Quicksilver Scientific. Our DAN dr. ordered it from us, but I believe I’ve also seen it online without a prescription by doing a google search. I’ve ordered several things from and Klaire Labs also. You can visit a health food store and get many great supplements. We get our fish oil and some vitamins from a local health food store. If there’s something in particular that you’re looking for, let me know, and I will help you find it.

      If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask. A good support group where I get some ideas of interventions to try is Check their Message Board under Diet and Biomedical Treatments for Autism. Hang in there, and I hope you see some positive results with Eric.

  11. clare says:

    Hi Lori: My daughter is just starting the IMD protocol. She had decent success with Andy Cutler’s protocol, but the night time administering was exhausting for her. A good night’s sleep is so important and naps during the day are a poor substitute. So, when I heard of QuickSilver’s protocol (from her doctor who preferred the binding to happen elsewhere and not go through her kidneys), I was thrilled. The idea of the heavy metals being bound in the gut is very appealing. Hope it works for her.

    My first concern with IMD, is the protocol calls for adding 2 sprays of a vitamin C with R-Lipoic Acid mixture which has ethanol in it. We are also dealing with a candida infection so giving her a product that has alcohol in it is disturbing. Even if it is a small amount – it adds up. How are you dealing with this? Also, do you know what other heavy metals IMD binds to aside from Mercury?

    • Lori R. Edwards says:

      Skyler’s doctor did not recommend all of the Quicksilver products that are listed on the protocol. Skyler only used IMD. I agree with you completely in that I wouldn’t have wanted to give him anything with alcohol. We did great without the R-Lipoic Acid, so I really do not think it’s necessary. As for the metals that IMD binds to, all of the studies I have read regarding IMD only talk about mercury, although I know that the website mentions other metals. I know that it removed a lot of aluminum for us because I saw it on test results, but I cannot say which other metals may be targeted. I do know that you can contact Quicksilver through their website, and you will receive a prompt answer – perhaps even from Dr. Shade himself.

      Please keep in touch and let me know how your daughter does. I also loved the idea of transporting the metals out while bypassing the kidneys!

  12. clare says:

    From my very little recent research, I’ve learned that silica (main ingredient of IMD) binds to aluminum. I haven’t found any ‘independent’ articles that say it binds to Mercury (have you?). You mentioned that Skyler’s test results showed a reduction of aluminum. What were the results on his Mercury levels? Was there a noticeable reduction? How often are you retesting?

    We are giving IMD a try, but if we don’t see positive results as we did with Andy’s protocol, we’ll abandon ship. I really wish other folks that are trying IMD would post on your site.

    • Lori R. Edwards says:

      No, I also have not read any independent studies outside of Quicksilver’s labs that show silica binding to mercury. However, Quicksilver’s own lab results are very promising. We messed up on Skyler’s last labs and accidentally ordered the wrong test, so we couldn’t compare mercury. The new test showed significantly lower levels, but I hate to try and compare two different tests. We plan on retesting soon, and I will post the results.

      What kind of results did you see with Andy’s protocol? I definitely would like to try it at some point, but I wanted to try this first since it is a lot easier on his schedule (and his kidneys). I would love to hear more about your results with it as well as side effects. And of course, keep us posted on your results with IMD. Skyler’s doctor wanted him to go through 3 or 4 vials before stopping, so it looks like it may take a while, but I’m ok with slow and steady. I am thrilled with the results so far.

  13. amanda says:

    Hi, just wanted to say thank you for your post about Skyler and IMD. I found it by searching for ‘blog’ and ‘quicksilver’. I’ve been trying to find others who are using the IMD protocol. I have used it for three months and I’m feeling great. I am using it for mercury as well as other metals/chemicals detox. How is Skyler doing now? Did you continue with the IMD? I write about my first three months (so far) at
    I use more than just the IMD to support the detox so I don’t get retoxed, as per Dr. Chris Shade. I really like his research. Anyway, hope your family is doing well.

    • Lori R. Edwards says:

      Hi, Amanda. Thanks for your comment. Skyler is currently doing very well. He is mainstreamed in a regular 1st grade classroom and is getting along nicely. We just recently had another urinary Toxic Profile done on Skyler, and his toxic metals all were in the reference range, with the exception of tin. I’m very pleased with his progress on IMD, and I am thrilled that we chose that route. I’m going to read about your first three months now. Thanks again for your visit!

  14. louis almaguer says:

    Hi Lori. I have a son age 10 we are thinking of trying the IMD. I was wondering did you give it by itself to Skyler or did you use other things along with it . We are currently using cilantro and blue green algae to bind the metal in the gut and remove them, alternating with clay baths.

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