Supplement and Shot Update (and Progress)

We are finally able to get Skyler to take all of his supplements.  We found that by mixing his vitamin powder with peanut butter, the taste is completely masked.  So each day he eats a mini croissant filled with cod liver oil and probiotics and a peanut butter cracker with multivitamins.  Pretty painless process, and I feel better about myself as a parent when I ensure Skyler gets these healthy products!

Last night was round three of the methyl-B12 shots.  Even with the new numbing cream that the doctor prescribed, Skyler still claimed, “It hurts me,” after the shot.  That is frustrating because no parent wants to see their child hurt, even if it only lasts for 30 seconds!  I called the compounding pharmacy that prepares the injections for us, and they are going to replace the shots in case he got a bad batch.  They said that if this doesn’t solve the problem, they will have to prepare a less concentrated solution for Skyler.  Right now he is on the highest concentration, and that may be causing it to sting a little.  The only downfall of a less concentrated solution is that there will be more solution to inject. But, since the actual injection process doesn’t seem to phase him, I think we might be better off going this route.  I guess we will wait and see how this next batch of shots goes and then go from there.

Skyler started a new daycare two days ago, and they reported that he has been doing very well so far.  He seems fairly calm at home too, and he’s been doing better about feeding himself.  The only negative (side effect?) so far is that he occasionally seems to be more stubborn and whiney.  These episodes don’t last long, and he is very calm and happy the rest of the time, so it is a tolerable side effect.  After keeping Skyler overnight on Saturday, my father stated that Skyler sat at the table and engaged in pretend play with little toy cars for about an hour, something he has never seen him do.  So, the gains are becoming evident even to those that question the techniques.  I have also seen an increase in pretend play at home.  It’s amazing how much joy parents of an Autistic child can feel just from observing their child pretend play on his own!  Recently I overheard Skyler playing with two cars, and the conversation Skyler provided for the cars went like this, “You’re just a toy!”  “Well, you’re a toy, too!” “Ok!”  It must seem so basic to most parents, but it filled my heart with love, joy, and pride!  Go, Skyler, go!


Update from June 2nd):  After writing about my confusion and self-doubt, my good friend Torie contacted me with love and encouragement.  She said, “You never know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop if you don’t start licking at it sometime!”  Those were somehow the perfect words during my time of doubt, and she’s absolutely right!  We can not put this off. We will never know if Skyler’s Autism can be healed unless we persevere. Now that we have started licking that metaphorical tootsie pop, we will not stop until we reach the sweet, chocolatey, Autism-free center!!!  Thank you, Auntie Torie!  We love you!

About Lori R. Edwards

I am the proud mommy of a wonderful little boy who has been diagnosed with Autism. We are currently working on his recovery.
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6 Responses to Supplement and Shot Update (and Progress)

  1. Amanda Young says:

    I just think you are the best mommy ever! Reading these things brings tears to my eyes! Way to go Skyler.

  2. Karen Bailey says:

    I just love, love reading your blogs! You are quite the writer! You’re not only helping Skyler, you are helping so many children and parents. Keep working and writing from the heart. Your efforts will pay off. I am so proud of you!

  3. lynn says:

    Lori, i just filled my sons prescription for the methyl b12 shots for my 4 year old autistic son. I read your posts and saw they were from a while back… do you see a huge change after doing the shots and do you recommend them?

    • Lori R. Edwards says:

      Hi, Lynn. The shots really make a huge difference for a lot of kids, but Skyler just wasn’t one of them. We tried them for a while and finally came to the conclusion that for us, it wasn’t worth going through it twice a week. Skyler HATED them, and I couldn’t tell any difference. But, each child is different, so your son might respond differently. For us, DMG and B6 worked better for language. My email is if you have any more questions. I’ll gladly talk to you anytime. It’s nice having someone to talk to that is going through the same thing!

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